Sunday, 29 April 2012

A Quick Pint

On Thursday I left work a little bit late, meaning that I missed my train.  Instead of waiting around on the platform for 15 minutes for a really slow train, I decided to wait in the pub for half an hour for the quicker train.

Pint purchased, I sat down and opened my book 'The Design of Everyday Things' to learn more about why, after 6 years of living in my house I can never work out which light switch is for the living room and which is for the kitchen.

It wasn't long before a strange man interrupted me to ask me what I was reading.  I wasn't sure whether it was because he was lonely, or genuinely interested in my book (which he must have been reading over my shoulder because the cover wasn't visible to anyone), but I humoured him. For all I knew, he might have made a new years resolution to speak to a stranger everyday.

In the 5 minute conversation that ensued, he gave me a short lecture on symbiotics and told me that the way I dress shows that I'm not poor.  He obviously hasn't seen the state of my bank account lately...

Then I ran away to catch my train.

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