Saturday, 15 September 2012

Gingham on the Inside

Doctor Who was back on our screens a few Saturdays ago - which was a perfect excuse to delay starting work on my latest OU assignment.  After all, I thought, it's only 45 minutes.  I can get cracking on my design work afterwards.

Instead of watching Doctor Who and then working on my assignment, I watched Doctor Who, and then spent 4 hours making a TARDIS shoe bag and ordering TARDIS coloured shoes from ebay to match:

And no, it's not bigger on the inside - it's gingham on the inside!

The shoes are TPS, and a style I've ordered before in gold so I didn't expect there to be any problems with them.  I took them out for a test-dance on Wednesday and they were okay... But the glittery straps are glittery on both sides, which makes them a bit scratchy around the toes, and I leave a trail of glitter everywhere I dance. Brings a new meaning to the phrase twinkle toes!

I'm not sure they'll look quite as fabulous for very long (once the glitter has all fallen off), but for now, I'll just enjoy being thoroughly coordinated.

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