Monday, 11 February 2013

Salsa* Survival Kits

*Also available for other kinds of dances. 

I've been toying with the idea of making Salsa Survival Kits to sell for quite a long time now.

This weekend I finally got my act together and had a go at making one for a friend's birthday present (This one matches the shoe bag that another friend bought from me to give to the same person)

It's a miniature version of the shoe bags I make, equipped with all those little things that you find come in really handy on a salsa night (if you're a girl):

  • Talc, for extra spin
  • Deodorant for extra freshness
  • Hand gel for extra hygiene
  • Chocolate bar for extra energy
  • Chewing gum for minty fresh breath
  • Hair grips for hair emergencies
  • Plasters for sore feet emergencies
  • Safety pins for clothing emergencies

For the enthusiastic beginner, they help you to be prepared for your first nights out dancing in the clubs.  For the more experienced dancer, they help you keep all of your little extras in one place. (If you're anything like me, you're forever transferring bits and pieces from one shoe bag to another, and losing things in the process.)

There are still a few aspects of the idea to iron out -which is why, my dancing readers I have some questions for you:

Girls - what would be in your Salsa Survival Kit?

Boys - what would be in your Salsa Survival Kit?

If you were to buy a kit, would you prefer it to be fully stocked, or would you prefer to 'create your own' (i.e. you choose and buy the contents, I provide the bag and the label)?

As always - don't wait for me to start putting pictures up on my Facebook page or Etsy shop -  what with a full time job and two Open University modules on the go, I don't have a lot of time to be proactive in making stuff so if you want one, just ask!

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