Monday, 13 February 2012

Fancy Dress

On Saturday night I went to a gangster themed salsa night and in fancy dress tradition, we made time for a photo shoot before I left the house.  Luckily I live with Paul Kelly, who knows how to take a good photo:

This costume was no trouble at all to come up with - I had most of it in my wardrobe and only needed to buy a few pearly accessories - unlike some other fancy dress costumes I've donned in the past:

From left to right:
  • Little Miss Muffett with a halloween twist, for which I had to make a dress, and bonnet, and then hand sew 50 odd plastic spiders all over.
  • Rubiks cube, for an 80s themed party - I made the skirt which was, by the way, solvable.
  • Rudolph - for fake Christmas one year - my first attempt at making a dress.  It was way too short.
  • Sheep - for another Fake Christmas - this time, the nativity scene - it was slightly less labour intensive, since I just had to stick a photo of my head to some cotton wool and pipe cleaners.
  • Lost - not for any particular reason - just a cold winters night when we thought it would be fun to get into some summer clothes and pretend we were in Lost
  • Wizard of Oz inspired Witch - low maintenance, only back-combed hair and 'ruby' slippers required.
  • Dangermouse - another 80s party, thought of and made on the day of the do - I won the fancy dress competition
  • Rock chic - no party, just for fun, using the clothes I already had in my wardrobe
  • Gangster - my first incarnation as a gangster, with a corset made out of a pair of pinstriped trousers.  

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