Friday, 20 January 2012

My New Shoes

When I was taking this picture of my shoe bags, I made a startling discovery:  I don't have enough dance shoes to go inside them.  Fair enough, I don't intend to keep all those shoe bags for myself, but I thought I had more than 4 pairs of shoes...

That meant it was time to spend my Christmas money on a pair of these snakey beauties.

I've been wanting a pair of stiletto heels for tango for ages - although these aren't 'proper' tango shoes, the slim heel makes them look a bit more like they are and they are much more affordable than the made-for-tango shoes you see all over Ebay.  These were a bargain at £31.99 from a newish Ebay shop called globalcolourshop.  For TPS shoe fans, it looks like the shops are run by the same people.

TPS recommends that you check your foot measurements before you buy the Global Colour ones as the sizing is different. I went for a size 7 rather than my usual 6.5 - but I think I could have got away with the smaller size after all.  My 7s are a fraction too long.

In spite of the 3 week estimated delivery date, these arrived in a week.  Hooray!

Amy from Salsafeet recently told me about her impossible 3.5 inchers, so the first thing I did with my new purchase was check that there is a finger space underneath the heel when the sole is flat on the ground.  With dance shoes, I think it's harder to do this - the soles are so flexible, so they just bend to whatever shape you make with them (within reason) - but I could make the finger thing work, so I'm happy enough!

At tango they went down well - I can dance in them with no difficulty (apart from the usual - 'you want me to make my body do what?!' moments) and had a fair few compliments ("They were the first thing I noticed when I walked in the room!" said one tanguera).

I changed into my flats when it came to my beginner leaders' class, because leading in heels makes my bum stick out... but more on how that's going another time.


  1. Oooooh I love these! They look a lot more expensive than the usual TPS ones, and you know I love a bit of animal printage!

  2. i have never ordered from TPS and was wondering if the quality was good? i have only ordered from one online dance shoe site and im not sure if the problem was the heel height or just bad quality, but they didnt work out. Pros and Cons of TPS?

    1. Almost all my dance shoes have come from TPS and I've been happy with them all. One or 2 pairs haven't lasted that long in that they lost structural integrity where the arch meets the flat bit at the bottom of your foot, but I felt like I'd got good wear out of them for the price. I've also known people to buy Oobashoos which didn't last (though most have no problems) so I think with shoes there's always an element of risk!

      You should check out salsafeet's blog for a rundown of what's what in the world of dance shoes... She buys loads more than me!

    2. awesome! just wanted to hear from someone who actually owns a pair from that site. thank you:)