Thursday, 5 January 2012

Tango Time

It was lovely to be back on the dance floor again last night, starting with a good old tango* (and a slightly more challenging lesson that I was expecting). I love being challenged though, so the paradas and colgadas were pitched just right to help put my mind to achieving much more for my tango this year.

Now I've got my head around the hundreds of little things you have to remember to do to take one perfectly executed step, I decided it was probably time to revisit basic technique again. The idea is that I can pick up on the thousands of little things I missed the first time round. This time, I'm going in as a beginner leader as there are often more followers than leaders in class.

I actually had fun being a beginner again, after shedding my initial self consciousness. Fun was kind of unexpected - I was only in it for the education and now I'm looking forward to leading in my next beginners' class. Next time I'll aim to relax a bit so I don't end up with aching muscles in my arms like I have today.

Later, during the milonga , I actually broke a sweat for the first time whilst dancing tango.  I like to think it's because I'm more capable of following faster and achieving more difficult moves.  I'll pretend it's nothing to to with being unfit after a Christmas of eating and drinking...

*By which I mean new tango - or tango nuevo as it's known in more exotic places.

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